June 7, 2005

GNU Bayonne 2 Introduced

David Sugar writes "June 6, Bayonne, NJ: This morning I made available a second generation Bayonne telephony application server for immediate testing and further development. This new server offers support both for wired and protocol stack based telephony drivers, including initial support for SIP and H323. Bayonne 2 uses a simplified driver model and exposes core functionality both through an interface library and a model script driven voice application server. This is an initial release to allow full public testing and development of Bayonne 2 to officially begin, and as such has a limited functional range which will be expanded upon over the summer months.

Bayonne 2 0.1.1 is available from the GNU ftp site, ftp.gnu.org, under/gnu/bayonne. You will also need commoncpp2, ccscript3, ccaudio2, and ccrtp, which are all available from the gnu site. To use SIP, you will need to install GNU osip2 and exosip, as explained in the installation guide. To use H323 support, you will need a current release of OpenH323 and PWLIB along with a relativily recent version of gcc under a relativily recent distro, such as Debian Testing (Debian 3.1) or Ubuntu. Bayonne 2 development will be supported through www.gnutelephony.org."

Link: gnutelephony.org


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