October 22, 2002

GNU Bayonne business telephone system to be exhibited

David Sugar writes: We are exhibiting a functional GNU Bayonne key telephone system running
under GNU/Linux and using the VoiceTronix OpenSwitch12 matrix card, for
the first time, this week at the Free Software Business Demo being held at
the LaGuardia Queens campus of the City University of New York City (CUNY)
on October 23rd.

We will be demonstrating how GNU Bayonne implements
common business telephone features such as intercom dialing, call
transfer, hold recall, parking, hunt groups, call forwarding, speed
dialing, and call coverage.

By introducing support for plugging telephones directly into GNU/Linux
servers running GNU Bayonne, we will also demonstrate the power of free
software to create customer driven solutions for the business telephone
marketplace. Since GNU Bayonne telephone system features and
functionality are entirely under application script control, it is easy to
modify and create business specific telephone solutions for vertical
markets. Not only can GNU Bayonne be used to emulate common key telephone
system features, but to create entirely new features from scratch.

By extending the GNU Bayonne scripting engine to support key telephone
features, we also are able to mix voice processing into any part of the
call flow. Imagine, for example, a smart GNU Bayonne driven hotel phone
system that automatically asks the person picking up the phone in his room
for the first time if he would like to activate outside phone service
without having to bug reception. Imagine voice announcements using the
recorded names of incoming callers.

While we have chosen to start with the OpenSwitch12 card, we will be
migrating telephone switching support into most of the major telephony
cards used with GNU Bayonne over time. In the future we will also support
high port density GNU Bayonne ACD solutions for use in deploying call
centers and other kinds of CRM applications.

Today we need your help to advance GNU Bayonne forward. We need help in
developing gui management tools to provide a complete and easy to
administer turnkey phone system. We need people to write new and creative
voice telephony applications using GNU Bayonne. For further info, or if
you wish to contribute to GNU Bayonne development, please send email to
sugar@gnu.org. For further information on the Free Software Business
Demo, please visit http://www.nylxs.com.

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