February 3, 2002

GNU Bayonne combines with PreViking

Author: JT Smith

David Sugar writes "With this notice, and effective February 1st, PreViking, another GPL'd telephony server developed by Telesave, is officially merged with GNU Bayonne. This has actually been in progress for two months, and represents the combined work carried out on the new BayonneNG cvs tree in anticipation of the 1.0 release of GNU Bayonne.

From an organizational perspective, both Zaheer Merali and Abdul-Wahid Paterson will be joining the GNU Bayonne project. Zaheer will be working primarily on driver integration issues, some of which will be described in a follow-on announcement about the introduction of phonestreamer, and AW will be working on the viking.cpp personality module's integration with the infotel server as well as standard application services that will be distributed as part of GNU Bayonne 1.0.

Rich Bodo will of course continue to direct the entire gnucomm meta project as a whole and help coordinate between GNU Bayonne and the
remaining gnu telephony related projects, including ipswitch. I am still looking for someone interested in taking over the documentation lead.

All of these things should help accelerate GNU Bayonne development this spring, and I am still expecting to have a 1.0 release ready for
distribution by May, perhaps in time for SANE or the Forum Internacional de Software Livre in Brazil.

In the short term there will be a few more 0.7.x releases. These will resolve any outstanding Dialogic/Intel/Dialogic issues and help introduce the contributed Spanish voice library. As soon as it is a bit more usable, there will be a 0.9.0 release for the new BayonneNG source tree."

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