December 17, 2002

GNU Bayonne embedded SQL for telephony

David Sugar writes "(December 16, Bayonne, NJ) Available for immediate release, the latest
development version of GNU Bayonne (1.1.3) now offers direct and easy to
use support for SQL driven database connectivity in telephony voice
response applications.
" GNU Bayonne has always offered database
connectivity for developing telephony applications using free software.
However, in the past, this required the use of TGI (Telephony Gateway
Interface) support and externally written database access scripts, or by
creating a custom database driver under the Infotel RPC protocol. With
TGI, database access scripts were often created in perl or python.

With this new development release, it is now possible to directly embed
sql statements as part of GNU Bayonne's native scripting engine, GNU
ccScript. For the first time, both single and multi-row queries results
can be easily processed within GNU Bayonne's server scripting language
directly. Along with sql embedding comes management of persistent
database connections for optimized query performance. As time allows, we
will also add parellel query and connection pooling support.

TGI was initially created to support database connectivity. While it has
many other uses, very often it's use had been required in the past to
create GNU Bayonne telephony applications which interacted with databases.
In fact, database access is often the only use made of TGI services in
many existing GNU Bayonne applications. Since TGI and similar mechanisms
often introduce additional system loading and potential performance
penalties, using TGI is always a performance trade-off.

With direct database connectivity, and other recent advances in GNU
Bayonne server scripting found in the newly released GNU ccScript 2.4.1,
it is now possible to create stand-alone telephony applications which
never need to use TGI. Hence, with this new development release, we have
also made it possible to optionally remove TGI support at compile time
using the configure script. This further enables the creation of highly
optimized GNU Bayonne servers for use in embedded and turnkey telephony

This development release offers a GNU Bayonne plugin that works
with the Postgresql database system. Additional plugins to support mysql,
or even unixodbc, should be forthcoming. We are looking for help in
creating plugins for many additional database libraries."


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