October 16, 2006

GNU Bayonne project leader to speak in Venezuela

GNU Telephony writes "David Sugar will be speaking about Telefonia Libre and development of telecenter solutions for emerging communities at the IVth annual International Free Knowledge Conference, being held in Maturin, Venezuela, and also on GNU Bayonne, Secure VOIP calling, and intercept free communications, on October 19th, starting at 15:00. This presentation will be provided in English with live translation to Spanish from one of our local volunteers.

"For many people, net neutrality was an issue that reared its head when the FCC proposed to regulate VoIP protocols in 2004. The development of secure calling in GNU Telephony is a blow for independent and autonomous protocol development and neutral communications, as much as it is for privacy" - Seth Johnson

For further information, email dyfet@gnutelephony.org. For information on this year's International Free Knowledge Conference in Machurin, see http://foromundial.solve.net.ve./ To learn more about telecenters, visit http://wiki.free-knowledge.net/index.php/Telecente r_Project. For further information on the GNU Telephony secure calling initiative, see http://wiki.gnutelephony.org/index.php/Secure_Call ."

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