January 14, 2003

GNU Bayonne Telephone System at NYC LinuxWorld

David Sugar writes "(January 13, Bayonne, NJ) Open Source Telecom Corporation will be
exhibiting a GNU Bayonne based office telephone system at LinuxWorld 2003
in New York City later this month. This system will be based on the soon
to be available 1.2 release of GNU Bayonne and will be demonstrated
running on GNU/Linux with VoiceTronix OpenSwitch computer telephony
hardware, and with many telephones people can walk up to and try out, at
the VoiceTronix booth.

Many of the latest developments in GNU Bayonne will also be demonstrated.
These include the new gui and web based telephony administration tools
for GNU Bayonne, as well as features and functionality commonly
associated with higher end and historically proprietary interactive voice
response (IVR) systems, such as database and web integrated customer
relationship management, and text to speech voice synthesis. An early
version of GNU Bayonne speech recognition using the CMU sphinx asr system
may also be demonstrated.

In addition to the extensive work in supporting development of complete
telephone systems, much work has been carried out in revising existing
drivers. With the help of Mark Lipscombe, the GNU Bayonne GlobalCall
driver has been fixed and is being revised for effective use with high
port density DM3 based Intel/Dialogic cards.

GNU Bayonne is currently under a feature freeze, and all project
documentation is in the process of being rewritten and updated. A formal
1.2 release candidate is expected to be available sometime in spring
2003. For additional information, visit


Link: gnu.org

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