September 19, 2003

GNU BIS launches open source CRM app

Almerindo de Palma writes "GNU BIS released a free, open source, Web-based Contact Relationship Management application."

"CRM is the first module of a full-featured Business Portal", says Al de Palma, project manager.

The CRM market is expected to hit $17.7 billion by 2006, growing at an average annual rate of 6.7 percent, according to a new report by Aberdeen Group. The CRM spending by small and medium-size businesses is expected to exceed that of larger enterprises.

While traditional proprietary software vendors are expected to come out with subscription models, the new system by GNU BIS is available under the GNU GPL licence, offering freedom to run, copy, distribute, study, change and improve the software.

"Everyone is free to build upon this project, in the same way we did with other open source projects, like Linux, Apache, PostgreSQL and Perl" explains Nelson Ferraz, project developer.

Users are free to redistribute copies, either with or without modifications, either gratis or charging a fee for distribution, to anyone anywhere.

More information can be found at SourceForge.

Link: SourceForge

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