April 19, 2002

GNU-Darwin and TDC merge, AMD supported

proclus writes, "GNU-Darwin now supports AMD-based computers in addition to Apple and Intel boxen,
and Darwin installer CD images are

available for free

. This is in addition to
our support of Intel and Apple boxen.

For Apple users,
The Darwin Collection packages
have been merged with

on-line. This
includes all of the packages from TDC Issue 1, plus
updates. Notable examples include openldap, cyrus-sasl, and a full ruby
implementation. Based on current trends, we will soon have

3000 packages on-line
for Apple computers. The

x86 collection

is also growing fast, with nearly 2000 packages available.
Our packaging software has been enhanced
with auto-dependency checking, and auto-remote access, so that users can
conveniently install software from our expanded package collection with a single command (ie, pkg_add -r ruby)."

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