November 2, 2002

GNU-Darwin Itanium on the way

proclus writes: Please welcome Roberto Dohnert (SourceForge:kane121975) as a GNU-Darwin developer.
I'm informed that Roberto did some coding in the
Xserver space for the
Itanium port of Darwin-1.4. Roberto is a letter-writing activist and
advocate, so he will fit in well;-}.

I'm still waiting for the Darwin-Itanium creator and lead developer,
Nathaniel Creed, to send me his SourceForge user name. Itanium
networking coder, Amolina should also feel free to send me a
SourceForge user name, and I will add him to the project too. Please
pass this information along as you like, especially to the respective
developers. Don't worry if email is a problem. They are all entitled to
GNU-Darwin network services accounts, etc, so let's get this deal

As soon as we are able to create Itanium isos, we will release the code
for developers on hard media from the
GNU-Darwin Ordering web page. All
proceeds will go directly back to Itanium development.
Darwin-Itanium installers to follow. Cheers!

Finally, if you know of anyone else with bootable Darwin code on novel
platforms, be sure to point them in our direction. Although we must
evaluate each platform individually according to our free software strategy, they are likely to be received in



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