October 8, 2001

GNU-Darwin packages for Mac OSX.1 and Darwin-1.4.1

Author: JT Smith

proclus writes, "The GNU-Darwin packages are compatible with Apple's newly released Darwin-1.4.1,
and we now have
Net Installation instructions
for Darwin-only users. Our Bootable Installer CD is now in beta, thanks to the efforts of GNU-Darwin developer rrp. As you can
see in the screenshot, our packages work fine with the
software which is now a part of Apple's Darwin distribution. We have recently packaged the latest versions of Mac OSX.1 compatible OpenSSH
and XFree86.
(Our older OpenSSH and XFree86 packages appear to be broken.) It is important for
users to upgrade their OpenSSH. This is a great time to check
out our other
, which are also Darwin-1.4.1 and Mac OSX.1 compatible.
OSX.1 users who are new to GNU-Darwin might like to try our new Net Installer. Just follow the
OSX-specific directions at the top of the script. "


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