May 2, 2005

GNU-Darwin rides the Tiger

proclus writes "This message is just to let you know that our Office-1.1 discs are Tiger
tested, Tiger compatible. In fact, nearly all of our many thousands of
free software titles have remained compatible with each Mac OS X revision
since the 10.0 beta release. GNU-Darwin packages are binary executable,
and no tedious compilation is required. Install them, and they just
work, so that you can get underway fast with free software.

It is no surprise that our packages don't break, because they are built
on the same great Unix foundation as Apple's operating system. It is a
foundation of profound intelligence, of freedom and openness.

GNU-Darwin has been engaging the Apple community with free software values
since the beginning of OS X, and you can rely on us to continue with that.
Now that Tiger has arrived, it is definitely time to give our software a try.
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