April 10, 2003

GNU-Darwin shell accounts

proclus writes "Shell accounts have been enabled for all GNU-Darwin internet service users.
The shell-only server includes a full GNU-Darwin Office-x86 installation,
Darwin-6.0.2, compilers, and fetchmail access to your mail account.
SMTP-on-LAN has also been provided. The shell server should be very
secure with firewalled, ssh-only access, and this resource will
hopefully accellerate development on the Darwin platform including x86.
Here are the links.


Shell accounts should be considered beta and experimental for the
present, due to their long and dubious history on the internet.
Of course, we will not tolerate any cracking or spamming activities,
which will certainly get your shell account deactivated. Having said
that, I think that this will be beneficial to many users who may not
have access to a Darwin-x86 machine. It will also be a great
demonstration and resource for the Distro and the larger community, and
a good way to get to know some of you better too. Cheers!

GNU-Darwin internet services, now include shell access, total SSL
encryption, SMTP-on-LAN, web hosting, web mail, IMAP, web hosting, virtual
domains and flexible subdomains as well. This seems like a killer
deal to me for $15 bucks a year with 1 month free trial. It is like a
".Mac for Nerds", but it is also a great example of the compelling work
that can now be done with GNU-Darwin. Tell your friends about it.


Link: gnu-darwin.org

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