March 14, 2001

GNUbies meet Wednesday 14 March 2001: Sulzberger on GNU standard tarballs and more

Author: JT Smith

Jay Sulzberger of LXNY sent us this heads up about the next GNUbies meeting:
This meeting is free and open to the public.
 The meeting runs from 6:30 pm to 9:00 pm.
 Thanks to support of CALC/Canterbury, the meeting is
 in their space at 780 Third Avenue 
 between 48th and 49th Streets on
 the East Side of Manhattan.  Ask at the front desk for
 CALC/Canterbury, which is on Concourse Level 1.
 6:30 pm General Q&A
 7:00 pm Jay Sulzberger will commence ranting
 Subway stops:
 IND E and F, the Lexington Avenue stop
 IRT 6, the 51st Street stop
 If you plan to attend, please visit the Beginners
 web page at
 and follow the attendance link so that we can
 arrange for the appropriate amount of space.
 Today there is no competent mass market small office
 lan product, neither a source secret product nor a free software
 product. We will argue that the correlation of forces favors free
 software in the coming drive to lower Operating Costs and raise
 Return on Investment.
 info tar
 man apt-get
 I will also install from scratch a Debian system in
 two different ways, one of which requires 
 exactly three keystrokes.  The author of the three stroke
 install utility will heckle throughout.
 Jay Sulzberger 
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