February 13, 2002

GNUbies meeting tonight: Tom Dyas on GNU/Linux

Author: JT Smith

We are pleased to announce that Tom Dyas will be giving a general
overview of GNU/Linux at our next meeting, this Wednesday,
February 13, 2002. There will be plenty of opportunity for questions
and answers that need not asuume any prior knowledge. If you need
an overview/introduction to Linux (i.e. GNU/Linux), want to know how
it all fits together, or simply have gaps in your understanding or
misunderstandings this will be a good meeting to attend.

Please note the security procedures required by IBM below.

Date: Wednesday, February 13, 2002
Time: 6:30 - 7:00 General Q&A
7:00 - presentation
Presenter: Tom Dyas
Subject: Overview of GNU/Linux with Q&A
Where: The IBM Building,
590 Madison Ave. (New York City)
(57th Street and Madison Avenue)

Procedures required for attending meetings at IBM

IBM has asked us to implement these security measures for our
meetings. In particular, it will be necessary to email us your
name in advance if you plan to attend so that we can give them
a list of the people who will be attending. It will also be
necessary to bring photo ID in order to get in to the meeting.
We regret the need for these measures. Please send email to
lo+0202@eskimo.com with the Subject "February 2002 GNUbies"
(note this is a "plus" not the letter "t"). Sorry for the

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