October 12, 2005

The GNU/Linux User Show #18 Online.

Jon writes "The GNU/Linux User Show #18 is online! After a short break to upgrade server, we're back strong. This week I talk with Aaron Seigo of the KDE Project. Aaron shares some history and tips and tricks for new users as well as lets us in on the good stuff to come in KDE Plasma.

Link to the OGG and MP3:
http://www.thepodcastnetwork.com/linuxuser/2005/10 /08/the-gnulinux-user-show-18/

As well, we're raising funds to adopt a penguin for the show mascot. The Penguin Foundation in Australia runs a sanctuary for penguins and if we can raise $75(AUD) we can 'adopt' a penguin for the show for a year. We're using Fundable.org to raise the money and while it looks good (we're already 1/2 way there!) if the target isn't reached by Nov 10th then everyone gets their money back. Listeners that are interested in helping out our little waddling friends can get more info on how to do so either in the tail end of the show or at this link:




Link: thepodcastnetwork.com


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