July 23, 2001

Gnumeric 0.68 + a baby

Author: JT Smith

Jody Goldberg announces the latest version of Gnumeric (0.68) and the latest addition to the Goldberg family (no version number announced).
Apologies for the delay in announcing last weeks release of gnumeric
0.68, I've just become a father
    3.25 kg
    53 cm
    Very cute
    Conversant in C/C++ but requires a drool proof keyboard.


Gnumeric 0.68 aka 'the ice pane cometh' is now available.

This is a _development_ release.  There are several fixes for problems 
previous releases (some serious) however this release also adds support 
frozen panes which required some non-trivial adjustments.  We did more
usability tuning so scrolling should now feel smoother.  Thanks to 
UnNamed, jwz, and acuster for their suggestions.

There are known limitations to this release.  Most importantly frozen 
will only show sheet objects in the lower right pane.

* New features

        * Frozen panes.                                         (Jody)
        * Over-the-Spot style support for XIM.                  (Nakai)
        * Add experimental support for Evolution.               (Lutz)

* Bug fixes, Polishing & Optimisations

        * Even more missing files.                              (Jody)
        * Fix backspace key.                                    (Almer)
        * Improve component handling.                           (Lutz)
        * Fix autosave dialog.                                  (Almer)
        * Bug when printing wrapped text in merged cells.       (Jody)
        * Fix bugs in analysis-tools' t-test.                   (Andreas)
        * Add support for BonoboStreams with every file saver.  (Zbigniew)
        * Improve scrollbars.                                   (Almer, Jody)
        * Crash after exiting 1 of many shared views.           (Jody)
        * Fix double-click autofill.                            (Almer, Jody)
        * Improve bsd support.                                  (Morten)
        * Shine-up string functions.                            (Almer)
        * Fix CONCATENATE.                                      (Morten)
        * Fix STF for CRLF terminated files.                    (Almer)
        * Fix MULTINOMIAL.                                      (Morten)
        * Fix bounds handling and leakage in STF.               (Almer)
        * Fix LCM.                                              (Morten)
        * Add csv default importing + probing.                  (Almer)
        * Improve font preview in cell format dialog.           (Almer)
        * Finish two-factor anova tool in analysis-tools.       (Andreas)
        * Some span bugs.                                       (Jody)
        * Adjust scrollbars for data analysis output.           (Andreas)
        * Fix dependency tracking problem.                      (Morten)
        * Update gda support.                                   (Rodrigo)
        * Misc bugs.                                            (Gnumeric Team)

* Translations

        * Updated: de (Karl Eichwalder), es (German Poo Caamaño,
        Carlos Perelló Marín), ja (Yukihiro Nakai), nn (Kjartan Maraas),
        pl (Zbigniew Chyla), ru (Valek Filippov), sv (Christian Rose),
        tr (Nilgün), da (Ole Laursen), zh_CN.GB2312 (Donald Park)

* Availability


NOTE : Please do not submit bug reports for the graphing as yet.  It is 
        active developemnt and is not ready for production use.


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