July 11, 2001

GNUstep Core/GUI 0.7.0 released

Author: JT Smith

Philippe C.D. Robert writes: "At the GNUstep website (www.gnustep.org): The GNUstep Core Libraries 0.7.0 release is a big step forward for GNUstep. It includes major improvements in text
handling, browsers, and many other GUI classes. The library is now fairly usable for many applications. Both Gorm, the
graphics interface builder and ProjectCenter, the GNUstep project manager (new versions of these coming soon) are written
using the Core libraries. Along with the GUI library, two display backends (which handle the details of interfacing with the windowing system) are
provided. Xgps (based on X11 drawing) and Xdps (based on Display Postscript drawing) can be swapped at runtime so you can
decide which interface you like the best"
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