August 24, 2005

GoblinX Mini 1.2.0 Reviewed

Anonymous Reader writes "While browsing DistroWatch a week or so back I noticed that a fresh GoblinX release was available. I just had to grab their Live CD ISO and give it a whirl as I loved their super slick previous release 'GoblinX 1.1'.

From their site 'GoblinX is a Live-CD that is based on the excellent Slackware distribution. It is directed towards those users who appreciate quality applications and a workspace that is both practical and beautiful. GoblinX contains some of the most often used and praised applications for Linux. click on the ~Applications~ button to see which ones. A Live-CD is a completely operational Linux system contained on one CD-ROM and it runs from any CD-ROM drive, without requiring the installation on your hard drive.'

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