March 4, 2004

Going For Broke

Chuck Talk writes "If you sat in on the three-ring circus show that was yesterday's SCO Group conference, you may have noticed that the financials aspects of the company's performance were overshadowed by the announcement of end-user litigation suits. I am certain that SCO Group wanted it that way, as they continue a campaign of distraction, deception and disinformation. This time though the trade press actually woke up and arrived in time to redeem themselves in my eyes, and I am certain in the eyes of many in the community.

This is all that we have been asking for, a free, inquisitive and probing press that was not stating opinions about the case, but asking the tough questions that were going ignored. Now, those questions seems to have arisen and taken center stage. Thank you to those in the press that asked the tough questions.

There is an online transcript available, though it does cost $75.00, from CCBN. It should make for enlightening reading the dodges and gaffes were highly audible to anyone who was listening. The truly sad part is that we could not see their faces. The reactions would have been a nice sight to see."



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