March 2, 2015

Google Firms Up Plans to Offer Wireless Carrier Services

It's becoming increasingly clear that telecom companies and technology are playing a more and more important role in today's cloud- and mobile-centric world. Shrewdly, Red Hat has focused its OpenStack efforts, and related initiatives, around telcos and their data centers. Working with Juniper Networks, Canonical is pursuing similar goals.

But neither Red Hat nor Canonical swings quite as big a stick as Google. That's why it's significant that for the first time Google has confirmed that it will offer connectivity to mobile users in the United States. Rumors had swirled that Google had carrier-class plans, but Sundar Pichai, the company's senior vice president, confirmed the news once and for all at Mobile World Congress in Barcelona on Monday.

As reported in numerous media outlets, Pichai said "you'll see us announce it in the coming months."




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