Google Integrates Istio Service Mesh into Kubernetes Service


Istio, the open source service mesh that helps provide traffic management, observability, and security to microservices and distributed applications, is taking another step forward this week, as Google announces that it will be coming to Google Kubernetes Engine (GKE) next month in the form of a one-click integration.

Offered initially in beta, the integration will help GKE users by layering a service mesh onto existing GKE clusters and providing telemetry, logging, load balancing, routing and even security in the form of mTLS. All of this, the company notes, is turned on “by simply checking the ‘Enable Istio’ box in the GKE management console.”

According to Google Cloud VP of Engineering Eyal Manor, Istio is the natural next step in the evolution of enterprises adopting containers and microservices.

“Kubernetes has taken the world by storm. Istio is the second phase, built on top of it. Once you’re in production, Istio helps you automate it in a secure and visible way,” said Manor. “Istio is that bridge between the current state of the enterprise and the future state of the enterprise, which is cloud native.”

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