May 13, 2015

Google Moves Its Corporate Applications to the Internet

Google Inc.GOOGL +0.38%, taking a new approach to enterprise security, is moving its corporate applications to the Internet. In doing so, the Internet giant is flipping common corporate security practice on its head, shifting away from the idea of a trusted internal corporate network secured by perimeter devices such as firewalls, in favor of a model where corporate data can be accessed from anywhere with the right device and user credentials.

The new model â called the BeyondCorp initiative â assumes that the internal network is as dangerous as the Internet. Access depends on the employeeâs device and user credentials. Using authentication, authorization and encryption, the model grants employees fine-grained access to different enterprise resources, wrote Googleâs Rory Ward and Betsy Beyer in a paper published in December. Google didnât respond to requests for comment.

Read more at Wall Street Journal.

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