Google Music With All Access Natively on Linux


You might wonder why anyone would bother with setting this up to work natively on linux, the web client at works well, the interface is great and it works from anywhere with no set up. However it currently uses flash, though there is a Labs option to enable html5 but this doesn’t seem to make a difference for resource usage. In my use case, it would regularly cause firefox to freeze up, and even my entire machine occasionally.

This wasn’t acceptable to me, and I looked for a way to be able to listen to my music without having to watch htop to make sure I don’t run out of memory. The other issue for me is that I mostly listen to all access radio, so I can’t just download my music and play it like that. I’ve started on this endeavor many times and come back with nothing, but finally found a setup that works. There are some programs that let you do this with no configuration, such as Nuvola Player , but they are just wrappers for the web interface.

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