Google Solidifies Container Story With An Updated Kubernetes, Container Engine, and Private Registry


When it comes to managing containers, everyone including the competition agrees that Google is the leader, which was evident from the way Kubernetes was received by the community. Google is leaving no stone unturned to make its cloud the best platform for running the containerized workloads and microservices. From orchestration to cluster management to private registry, Google Cloud Platform has all it takes to run complex distributed containerized applications.

Kubernetes, the popular open source cluster management, and orchestration tool hits a significant milestone with V1. On 21st June, the community celebrated the launch at the Oregon Convention Center. During the last one year of its availability, Kubernetes gained the support of the biggies including IBM, HP, Red Hat, Mesosphere, Microsoft, CoreOS, VMware and Intel. Though Docker, Inc. is busy acquiring companies to become a full stack container management company, the ecosystem is moving fast in building tools for solving the problems of container scheduling, cluster management, service discovery, and health monitoring. Kubernetes is on its way to become the de facto container management tool preferred by cloud service providers and enterprises.

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