January 20, 2010

Google Talks Chrome OS, HTML5, and the Future of Software

On the last day of November, 2009, after the initial rush of excitement around Google's Chrome OS launch had quieted a bit, Ryan Paul and I sat down with Matthew Papakipos, the engineering director for the Chrome OS project, and Eitan Bencuya, from Google PR. I had done my best to sort out the why's and wherefore's of Google's first consumer OS effort in my initial launch coverage but I still had many questions about the past, present, and future of the project.

What followed that afternoon was an interview that was so candid, in-depth, and informative about not just Chrome OS, but about the present and future of the Web as a distributed application platform, that we chose to sit on the results until the holiday and CES madness had passed. So, in this brief pause between CES and the coming iSlate hysteria, we present our Chrome OS interview.

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