October 9, 2015

Google Wants to Speed Up the Mobile Web with AMP Project

amp-project-header-640x438Google has a plan to speed up mobile Web browsing. The recently unveiled AMPâAccelerated Mobile Pagesâproject is an open source initiative that restricts certain elements of HTML, CSS, and JavaScript to produce leaner Web pages "that are optimised to load instantly on mobile devices." How much quicker is "instantly"? According to Google, early testing with with a simulated 3G connection and a simulated Nexus 5 showed improvements of between 15 to 85 percent.

It's all very clever, but at the same time very simple. "AMP HTML," which sits at the core of the idea, wants to do things like minimize HTTP requests to fully lay out a document and only downloads images when they're likely to be seen. There is a trade-off, however. 

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