January 11, 2008

gOS Reloaded 2.0 Beta -- Is Good OS really good enough to blast off?

In the past few years, much hype has been placed on the sub $300 desktop, with a company even calling themselves sub300.com. So many people were blown completely away last year when a company out of California launched a product in a smallish discount barn called Wal-Mart for sub $200. The product was called the EverEx TC5202 and was touted as being affordable, green (eco not as in color) and easy to use. Now, I am not the kind who will spend this little on anything electronic, just ask my wife...but I was intrigued by the operating system, simply known as gOS, which stands for Good OS. A lot of people likened this as an attempted run at a Google OS, but a quick look on the group's website will confirm that they have zero affiliation to the company running the world right now.

Link: knolinux.com


  • Linux
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