August 11, 2008

Governator stubs toe on antique computer

The New York Times and the Sacramento Bee are reporting an amusing story out of California about how Governor Arnold Schwarzeneggerââ¬â¢s attempt to knock some sense into the stateââ¬â¢s free spending legislators is being stymied by an antiquated mainframe computer system.
You see, California is having its annual summer shouting match between angry pols who canââ¬â¢t agree on next yearââ¬â¢s budget. Democrats want to raise taxes and spend more, while Republicans ââ¬â guess what? ââ¬â want to put the kibosh on new taxes and cut spending instead. Schwarzenegger ââ¬â known in these parts as the ââ¬ÅGovernatorââ¬Â ââ¬â is standing between the two warring camps, with the rock steady firmness of a Cyberdyne Systems Model 101 Terminator.



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