April 3, 2008

Govt CIOs still misunderstand open source: Novell

The problem with open source software is a lack of understanding, not a lack of support, according to a Novell executive who hit back at the CIOs from some of Australia's top government agencies.
Responding to opinion from the CIOs from the ATO, Centrelink and Defence that open source software is unattractive due to a lack of support, Novell said that the open source ecosystem is misunderstood.
"Linux is clearly open source, but quality-wise it rivals traditionally manufactured software and has arguably some better support than commercial proprietary systems," Paul Kangro, applied technology strategist at Novell told ZDNet.com.au.
The real problem with open source is that few understand what it is. There are hundreds of thousands of open source projects but just a handful of them -- like Linux, Sugar CRM and MySQL -- are supported, said Kangro.

Link: builderau.com.au


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