August 22, 2001

GPL Farm now open for business

Author: JT Smith

Anonymous Reader writes: "The GPL Farm project has been launched today. Our
goal is to create GPL applications for Linux, and pay the developers to code it. We are
in the first stage. This means that we are searching for Linux programmers and sponsors. Developers will be paid for their work thanks to sponsors' donations. There is a
complete FAQ which explains the process.
All the applications developed will be released under the GPL license after the completion. We think
that this project, if we find a few sponsors, can give all us many interesting results and could be a way to bring to Linux users many needed applications nowadays. If you are a Linux
programmer or a potential sponsor, come to our site and fill out the respective online forms,
so we can start making the difference. Hope that all you can enjoy it, any suggestion is
very appreciated."
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