May 23, 2005

GPL Groupware server exchange4linux 3.0 released

Helmuth Neuberger writes "Exchange4linux is available under the GPL since 2001. Focus of the project, is giving Outlook users the same look&feel and groupware features they are used to, with proprietary servers. Since 2001, exchange4linux was developed strictly with that focus.

New features :

- very fast with new local cache
- easy install for all Outlook versions
- offline personal and public folder
- connect over HTTPS (SWAP Simple Workgroup Access Protocol)
- automatic connection handling
- easy client-software deployment
- full support of all PDAs with Outlook-support (Palm, Pocket PC, Blackberry...)
- high scaleable / cluster ready

Exchange4linux 2.5 users will have no problems updating to 3.0. All data in the e4l database can be migrated. Even old 2.5 Outlook connectors will work with the new 3.0 server.

More info about exchange4linux :

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