June 20, 2001

GPL Pacman will eat your business, warns Gates

Author: JT Smith

The Register has a different take on the story. "Gates
comes up with something not so much misunderstandable as only marginally
comprehensible: 'But if you say to people, "Do you understand the GPL?" (then)
they're pretty stunned when the Pac-Man-like nature of it is described to them.'

Think hard about that one -- it's a little thing that runs around gobbling up everything
it comes across, like alternative GUIs for Dos, disk compression, independent
TCP/IP stacks, the browser market, email clients, instant messaging, digital audio
and CD burning ... No wait, that's something else entirely. What Bill really means is
that the GPL is the Borg/bodysnatcher de nos jours, tainting everything it comes into
contact with and assimilating it to The Hive. "


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