September 14, 2003

GPL Scribus Linux Desktop Publishing release 1.10

Anonymous Reader writes "Programmer Franz Schmid is pleased to announce the release of Scribus
1.1.0 - Linux Desktop Publishing,
which builds upon the recently released
Scribus 1.0, as well as the launching of an integrated Scribus Web site at"

Two years in development and now available in 21 languages, Scribus
represents the first open source graphical WYSIWYG DTP application capable of
generating professional "press-ready" results.

New features in Scribus 1.1.0:

  • A completely new rendering engine. The new rendering engine has
    up to 5x faster rendering of graphics and text, as well as
    improved rendering of text and graphics with full anti-aliased
    type. The new engine also displays full transparency and
    gradients on screen.
  • Screen shot.
  • A new SVG import plug-in, giving Scribus the ability to import
    and then edit SVG artwork. Thus, you can create illustrations in
    Sketch or Sodipodi or Karbon14 and import them directly into Scribus.
  • The plug-in imports a large majority of the SVG 1.1 test suite
  • There is a new Type Style - Outlined
  • Keywords can now be included in exported PDF files.
  • Support for Black Point Compensation with littlecms 1.11 - this
    improves the rendering of many photographic images.
  • Strokes and fills can have variable transparency.
  • There is now a zoom function for the Special Character Insert
  • The help viewer now has a drop down history button.

Among the major features of Scribus:

  • A modern user friendly interface developed with Qt3. Scribus can
    run on Linux, HP-UX, Solaris, BSD and soon Mac OSX. An
    experimental version running on Cygwin and Windows 2000 is in
  • Unicode support including support for right to left scripts such
    as Arabic and Hebrew.
  • Can export CMYK separations and "press-ready" PDF including PDF
    1.4 features such as transparency, 128 bit encryption.
  • The only DTP application to create fully ISO compliant PDF/X-3
  • Powerful cross-platform Python Scripting language extending
    Scribus functions and automating tasks, as well as calling
    external applications within Scribus.
  • Uses XML as a native file format. The Scribus XML format has
    been fully documented.

The Scribus Team:

Programming / Original Author Franz Schmid Franz.Schmid at

Code Review and API Documentation Paul F. Johnson paulf.johnson at

English Documentation and Testing Peter Linnell scribusdocs at

Many contributions and translations from users.

Scribus Home Page:

mirrored at:

On line documentation and specs:

mirrored at


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