September 21, 2001

GPL violation: Microtest's DiskZerver

Author: JT Smith

Slashdot: "Early this week, brtb submitted an eye-opening write up which may end up as the classic example of a large-scale GPL
violation. Microtest's DiskZerver, a NAS device designed to handle CDs, would seem to be a sharp product, except it's based
on software licenced under the GPL and potentially other free-software licenses as well. Of course, you would never know this,
because Microtest never mentioned it, however that didn't stop Microtest from manufacturing and then marketing the device
before it sold it off to another company. DiskZerver's new company xStore, which was unaware of the licensing issues, was
notified about them, and this impending article. They have yet to comment. In situations like this, what should a company do to bring such a glaring
GPL violation back into compliance?"


  • Open Source
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