July 8, 2001

GPLed Mumps Compiler available

Author: JT Smith

Andy Tai brings us this forwarded message:

From: Kevin C. O'Kane okane@cs.uni.edu
Subject: GPL Mumps Compiler

Mumps (sometimes called M) is a language from the late 60's used
widely in medicine. We have developed a GNU GPL version of Mumps
that translates Mumps code to C for subsequent compilation.
The compiler itself is covered entirely by the GPL license and
the run-time support routines that are incorporated into the
compiled programs, by the LGPL. Full source code and documentation
along with example programs is available via:


The main development platform is Linux although the software runs
under MS DOS based systemd and other versions of Unix. We have not
tested it against other platforms but it should run on just
abount any system with a GNU C compiler, subject to minor O/S
dependent tweeking and parameters.

Kevin C. O'Kane, Ph.D.

Professor of Computer Science
University of Northern Iowa
Cedar Falls, IA 50614-0507
(319) 273 7322 (Office + Voice Mail)
(319) 266 4131 (Iowa)
(508) 778 9485 (Massachusetts)

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