June 29, 2007

GPLv3 submitted to Open Source Initiative for approval

Author: Robin 'Roblimo' Miller

This was the body of an email message sent to the Open Source Initiative (OSI) license-discuss email list less than two hours after the third version of the GNU General Public License (GPLv3) was officially announced by the Free Software Foundation (FSF): "I submit the following licenses for consideration by the OSI for inclusion in the list of licenses complying with the OSD."

The submission came from Google employee Chris DiBona.

OSI president Michael Tiemann replied that OSI was likely to vote on approval soon:

Because I have blogged favorably on previous drafts of the GPLv3 (see http://opensource.org/node/130) I think you know where I stand in general, but because we now have a new (and final) version, I must read it again as if it is the first time. I would invite each of you (so inclined) to do the same. I look forward to your input, and to receiving a recommendation from the Chair when he is ready to make one. As President of the OSI, I can assure you that we will call the vote just as soon as we have a proper motion to do so.

Chuck Swiger wrote, "Perhaps not surprisingly :-) , the GPLv3 & LGPLv3 seem to be fully compliant with the OSD and are likely to be approved."

To which yet another member replied, "Agree they are likely to be approved, even though FSF themselves might not exactly agree that these licenses constitute 'open source.' ;-)"

To see the full discussion, and to follow it as it develops further, see this thread in the license-discuss email list archive. The next meeting of the OSI board is scheduled for July 11.


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