August 1, 2001

Graphical signal calculator available under GPL

Author: JT Smith

Arnaud LAPREVOTE writes about SigLab, a graphical signal calculator: The Free&ALter Soft company is ditributing its softwares under the GPL licence, among others SigLab, that can be freely downloaded from the CVS Sourceforge server.
SigLab is a calculator specially designed for working on signals. You may load, save or generate signals, do various operations on and between the signals (addition, ..., log, abs, sin, ..., filtering, convolution, fft, correlation).
SigLab was designed for being able to handle results of simulations or measurements. It means it can handle signals with millions of points in just keeping in memory a small piece of each signals. However, to keep good performance, it caches in memory portions of the signals.
SigLab was specifically thought for Ptolemy users. You will then find stars ready to use. SigLab will start at the end of the simulation and show all signals that you asked.

You need a working copy of SciLab 2.5 beta for having SigLab working. You also need tcl/tk 8.xx (just tested on 8.0). SigLab was tested under Solaris, Windows and Linux.

SigLab is now under GPL. Siglab is originally a sponsorware. It was developped thanks to the support of the C2R (Research Center on RadioDiffusion and RadioCommunications) of TéléDiffusion de France (a subsidiary of France Telecom) and thanks to Philips Semicondictors Rennes. You can thank these companies for having accepted to share the tools they use with everybody. We are still looking for sponsors to improve SigLab (improvement of integration with SciLab, filter design interface, management of multidimensionnal signals, ...).

The downloading site:
The site of the Free&ALter Soft company:

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