July 22, 2004

"The Great Linux Desktop Migration Contest"

Anonymous Reader writes "Novell and O'Reilly are running a contest for linux migrations. It looks like you tell your migration story and win stuff.

Here is a quote from an O'Reilly blog:

"Just how deep is Linux getting into the corporate desktop? We really want to know... To facilitate that process, Novell and O'Reilly are announcing The Great Linux Desktop Migration Contest. We're looking for entries in three categories:

* Greatest Benefits Realized from Migration
* Best Migration Plan
* Most Practical Migration Tips
... the deadline is August 9, 2004."

Here is another quote:
"We're not looking for the best written entries, but those with the most valuable information. If you have experience and information to share about Linux desktop migrations, here's your chance to help your peers and possibly win some great prizes at the same time"

Here is the page that explains the contest"

Link: LinuxDevCenter

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