October 17, 2001

The great Mac OS X 10.1 experiment

Author: JT Smith

ZDNet's Stephan Somogyi starts off a three-column series taking a closer look at
Apple's new Mac OS X 10.1. He's using an iBook, "precisely because it
isn't Apple's high-end speed demon; I have no doubt 10.1 is quite sprightly on the latest
QuickSilver desktop. To my pleasant surprise, 10.1 is quite usable overall, and feels much faster
on the iBook than 10.0.4 did. This isn't to say it feels as responsive as 9.2.1 does on the same
hardware, but the gap has narrowed, and I trust that Apple's engineers intend to shrink it further.
Based on the difference between 10.0 and 10.1, it's entirely plausible that we might see
performance parity within one or two more major OS X releases."


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