April 28, 2004

The greatest Unix job ad ever

Yes, it's a funny ad, but it is full of truth and is sure to get exactly the right applicant. Unless you live in (or want to move to) Australia, you can't apply for it, but it's refreshing to see a realistic ad for a "Unix Specialist" written by someone who obviously has no points in his or her hair.The ad starts with:

Ah, Unix. Its cheapass cousin, Linux, is what all Microsoft users turn to just as their sanity reaches a crossroads. Did you know that Microsoft Word stills spellchecks âUnixâ as âUNIXâ? Man, how 80âs does that look? I can imagine something like that flickering on the screen of a computer you assembled yourself from a crystal radio kit.

Trouble with Unix is that nobody really knows what itâs all about. Oh, sure, youâve got your poindextrose types who type in things like âbashâ and âgrepâ, but really, what does any of that mean? Well Iâll tell you. âbashâ actually stands for âBourne Again Shellâ and what it is is an interface. Itâs fairly unlikely that youâll see many people typing âbashâ in on a Unix machine. Itâs like, with Windows, would you type âwindowsâ? Of course you wouldnât. Youâd type âexitâ and then âformat c:â.

Link: seek.com.au

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