September 4, 2002

In Greece, play ChessMaster, go to jail

Anonymous Reader writes - "The Greek government has banned all electronic games in both public and private places and one person has already being arrested for playing... Counter Strike! Greece used to be the center and root of democracy, but the latest happenings in the country suggest that either its government have no idea what a computer game is and where it differs from the Casino-oriented games (the law started as a 'noble' effort to fight gambling), or simply, there is no democracy left there anyway. Gamers and the Greek NetCafe assosiation are trying to make their voice heard, but the politicians and even the Greek media do not seem to listen. It is sad and funny at the same time to see game consoles, PC games (even Chess!), GameBoys and even mobile phones games get banned out of the blue. Madness."

Link: ZDNet


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