Greg Kroah-Hartman: The Commander-in-Chief of the Linux Stable Branch


In the sometimes-contentious Linux Kernel developer community, the gentle giant of a man Greg Kroah-Hartman is the friendliest face. When you plug a device into a Linux system and it works out of the box, the credit goes to Kroah-Hartman. He travels around the globe, talking to hardware vendors to get Linux to work on their devices.

But Kroah-Hartman was not a Linux user from the beginning: He evolved over time into one of the most influential kernel developers.

Kroah-Hartman has been a techie from a very early age. He started programming on his parent’s personal computer that they bought for home use.

A few years later, Kroah-Hartman was at his first job working on firmware for printers. He attended an embedded systems conference and saw a booth for Cygnus who was offering support for Stallman’s GNU C Compiler Collection (gcc) at the time. 

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