November 2, 2001

Grey Zone announces the 3-minute extranet

Author: JT Smith

Grey Zone, Inc., a developer of out-of-the-box Web
content management software, announces the release of SecureZone 5. SecureZone 5 enables business users to
create a completely functioning extranet, including users and content, in as
little as 3 minutes. SecureZone
empowers non-technical professionals to rapidly spawn an unlimited number of
distinct Web sites from a single platform.
The product combines security, content management, and audience-based
publishing capabilities that simplify the Web publishing process, helping
companies rapidly and cost-effectively conduct business over the Web.

"Customers are tired of paying exorbitant prices for
software and the implementation services associated with Web content management
products currently available," says David Harris, Vice President of sales and
marketing for Grey Zone. "With
SecureZone, we are providing our customers with a full-featured product at an
incredible value, and putting content control in the hands of the creator,
eliminating much of the bureaucracy associated with conventional products."

Grey Zone and IBM previewed the new product to rave
reviews at LinuxWorld in August.
"SecureZone is an excellent complement to the IBM zSeries family because
the zSeries has the power and scalability to support virtually any volume of
web sites that SecureZone customers can create," says Eugene Bernosky, Chief
Executive Officer for Grey Zone.

SecureZone differs from other products in its of
ease-of-use, rapid implementation, scalability, and technology. It incorporates ground-breaking,
patent-pending technology called RDDAC (Reverse Driven Data Access Control),
that provides company administrators with fine-grained control of data for
security and administration, and provides access and administrative functions
for each individual piece of content.

"Grey Zone offers deep functionality coupled with ease of
use," states Susan Feldman, Director of content and retrieval technologies for
IDC. "It is unusual to have such an
array of content management features in a quick to implement application that
can be handled by business users directly."

In addition, SecureZone includes new V-Site? technology
that allows corporations to easily deploy multiple public Web sites powered by
a single platform. The platform allows
for corporate globalization, including features such as application masking and
Unicode compliancy for seamless distributed publishing and administration in
multiple languages. Other new
functionality includes a built-in media library that enables reuse of data
across multiple Web sites.

"SecureZone 5 has opened the door to true sustainable,
decentralized content management, while ensuring brand and messaging
consistency," says Matthew Ott Director of eMarketing for Terayon Communication
Systems, Inc. (NASDAQ: TERN). "With
many solutions, the content can get away from you, but the Media Library gives
administrators control over what content administrators put online."

The platform supports multiple publishing methodologies
via prepackaged and/or XML API. It
scales to run on anything from a PC to a mainframe. SecureZone for Linux is available on the IBM zSeries and S/390
mainframes, as well as the IBM iSeries and pSeries product families. In addition, the new product supports a number
of database environments, including Oracle (NASDAQ: ORCL) and IBM?s DB2.

Other new features include:

· Advanced reporting and editing functionality

Sequence Manager for presenting content in different

Quick Select for repurposing content to new audiences

Separate edit and view modes

Advanced meta tag functionality

Group-based administrative privileges

Secure Categories

Advanced move and copy functionality

Proprietary SQL database routines

Expanded modules with business logic

Configurable search

For a complete description of all new functionality in
SecureZone 5, please visit,
or call 877-411-GREY.

Starting November 7, Grey Zone invites the public to
attend weekly online Web demonstrations of SecureZone 5. Please inquire about special press

About Grey Zone

Grey Zone provides the leading web content management
platform that enables business users to publish web content from a browser
through simple point-and-click templates.
SecureZone, the Complete Corporate Web Platform?, combines content
management and secure targeted publishing into a single prepackaged software
platform that is the most cost-effective solution on the market.

For further information on this exciting Silicon Beach
company, or to attend an informational Web seminar, visit the Grey Zone web
site at, or call Mary
Pat Michielssen at 831-477-7100.

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