January 10, 2006

Greyfirst Corp. Releases Celtx Version 0.9.5

Sheila Crosbie writes "Celtx Pre-Production Film Software Introduces Story Development and Scheduling Tools.

January 9, 2006 - St. John's, Canada - Celtx, the cross platform pre-production software tool for creating video, film and TV content, announces the release of version 0.9.5. Aimed at independent film producers, Celtx lets users develop stories, write and edit scripts, complete breakdowns, plan and schedule productions and collaborate with others online. This latest version introduces new story development tools, a Scratchpad outlining feature and shareable project scheduling.

Celtx offers new and customizable Character Management and Scene Details Tabs that connect related content to both the script and project database. The tabs can be used to develop characters and scenes in the pre-script mode or to help flush out related details that appear in your script.

Also connected to the script is a new outlining feature called ScratchPad. It allows users to drag and drop sections of their script back and forth from the Editor to the Scratchpad. The same feature can also be used to store loose pieces of draft text or to simply jot down ideas that arise while writing.

Co-Founder, Mark Kennedy says, "The Project Scheduling feature is the one that really marks an exciting evolution for Celtx from its original scriptwriting capabilities.” Based on Mozilla’s Sunbird Project, the Celtx calendaring system allows users to create a shareable project calendar with team members. “We will build on this calendar feature to include industry standard scheduling features for making films, music videos, ad campaigns or whatever creative endeavors users want to pursue.”, Kennedy added.

Along with a new Navigator that provides one click access to all of the applications document tabs, this new version of Celtx is accompanied with an updated Walk-Thru and an animated Feature Tour. All items that demonstrate the great customer support offered to this fast growing community of independent film producers.

The Technology
Built on top of the award winning Mozilla Firefox technologies, Celtx is an open standards software application. Celtx is offered in 15 languages, making the application available to dedicated users located in over 85 countries around the globe. Celtx works on all major operating systems - Mac, Linux and Windows. The application uses a semantic web compliant RDF database and XML file formatting. The Celtx software application, currently in beta (version 0.9.5), is available for free under an open source license from the Celtx website. www.celtx.com

For more information about Celtx, please contact Sheila Crosbie at Sheila (at) celtx (dot) com, or info (at) celtx (dot) com."

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