January 11, 2006

Grid computing newsletter looks at key open source

Sharon Smith writes "The Globus Consortium (founded by IBM, HP, Sun, Intel, Nortel, Univa and Cisco) today published the latest issue of the “Globus Consortium Journal. (http://www.globusconsortium.org/journal).” The newsletter focuses on open source Grid computing projects - and this month features developer interviews with the leaders of the three most important services in the Globus Toolkit (www.globustoolkit.org).

Highlights this month include:

“Globus GRAM” (Grid Resource Allocation Manager) -- In Grid environments, success is hinged largely on the ability for apps to successfully negotiate for the usage of underlying resources. Learn how GRAM facilities this balancing act in Globus environments.

“Globus Implementation of GridFTP” (File Transfer Protocol) -- In Grids, access to data is as important as access to compute resources. Learn how the GridFTP protocol has evolved to navigate today's tough storage systems and handle bulk file transfer.

“The MDS” (Monitoring & Discovery System) -- Globus Toolkit Grid environments use the "Monitoring & Discovery System" for real-time insight into what resources are being used and what services are running. Learn how MDS works, and how it's evolved.

The Globus Consortium Journal is a discussion forum dedicated to open source Grid issues for enterprise developers and business decision makers. This monthly forum seeks to measure the Globus Toolkit's progress in the enterprise, and to address the specific hurdles it must get past on the way. Each month, editors feature perspectives from Globus Consortium members, leading pundits from the enterprise, and practical advice from the pioneers of open source Grid."

Link: globusconsortium.org

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