Griffin releases WIBU-KEY 4.1- software protection

Anonymous Reader writes “Griffin Technologies Debuts WIBU-KEY 4.1 Software Protection Key, Offering Extra Memory Capability
Award-Winning Product Provides Software License Management
and/or Copy Protection; Versions Available for Use with USB, Parallel Ports

LAWRENCE, KANSAS — (March 1st, 2005) — Griffin Technologies, LLC, a leading provider of PC security products for home and business use, announced today the release of WIBU-KEY 4.1, its award-winning software copy protection and license management product. WIBU-KEY 4.1 features a number of new systems and user enhancements as well as extra on-key memory to support a wide range of advanced software licensing concepts. With its improvements, WIBU-KEY 4.1 becomes an even more powerful and valuable solution for companies or individuals wishing to protect software applications.
Deployed to over 500,000 users worldwide, WIBU-KEY (pronounced VEE-boo key) allows software developers to restrict software access to those users in possession of the product’s small hardware token. The token, available in both USB and parallel port versions, utilizes hardware-based encryption to control access to applications protected by WIBU-KEY.
China ComputerWorld, a leading Asian trade publication, recently gave WIBU-KEY its Best Software Protection award after the product withstood attacks in two controlled competitions featuring top hackers from around the world. Not a single hacker could penetrate WIBU-KEY’s defenses, testifying to its advanced security capability.

WIBU-KEY 4.1’s USB/Parallel tokens offer users up to 8 KB of free and addressable memory for application data storage or other user files and an additional 8 KB of encrypted memory managed by the WIBU-KEY protection chip. The security-protected storage allows developers unprecedented flexibility for copy protection solutions.

“WIBU-KEY 4.1 is a natural solution for the most demanding licensing schemes,†said Bennett Griffin, president and founder of Griffin Technologies. “Large, expensive software applications, as well as inexpensive mass market software applications in high demand, are important parts of many companies’ daily operations. With WIBU-KEY, those applications can be easily protected with a very secure and cost effective solution.â€

Mac, Linux, Windows Enhancements
WIBU-KEY 4.1 includes a number of performance upgrades that make it more valuable than

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ever, regardless of operating system. New improvements allow Mac and Linux customers to remotely
update hardware keys without sending them back to the developer. Automatic anti-hacker/anti-debugging upgrades have been added to the Windows version of WIBU-KEY that increase security and reduce programming work for developers.

Finally, WIBU-KEY 4.1 offers support for 64-bit Mac OS X and Intel Itanium processors, ensuring operability with the latest PCs and networks.

Pricing and Availability

Griffin Technologies’ WIBU-KEY 4.1 is now available as a FREE upgrade to currently registered WIBU-KEY users. For more information about WIBU-KEY 4.1, including purchasing information, call Griffin Technologies at 1-800-986-6578 or visit

About Griffin Technologies, LLC:

Griffin Technologies, LLC is a leading provider of information security solutions for software protection and user authentication. Established in 1993, Griffin Technologies’ WIBU-KEY product line features best-of-breed, hardware-based copy protection and network license management for software developers worldwide. Griffin Technologies’ SecuriKey line of user identification and authentication solutions provides secure 2-factor authentication to businesses and organizations for local, network, and Internet-based access control and its ControlKey line of parental control solutions provide easy to use computer and Internet control to consumers. Griffin Technologies has twice been named a Deloitte & Touche Fast50 Company. For more information, visit the Griffin Technologies Web site at

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