June 6, 2003

Grocery List program written in a day using the Traverser

Tom Cleland writes "The Traverser was used to create a grocery list program in less than a day, appearing to surpass the claimed efficiencies that can be achieved with the tool. Database application development time reductions using the tool had been estimated at about 50%.

The program includes a drop list of all the items in a store, and creates a list that can then be sorted by aisle number. It can also store recipes, keep past grocery lists, and accept multiple stores and shoppers.

The day's development effort included a trip to the grocery store, noting what was in each aisle, and entering the data back at the computer.

Because the Traverser is data-driven, no programming was necessary. All functionality specific to the grocery list program was placed in a database file used by the Traverser. The database file can be downloaded at:

https://sourceforge.net/project/showfiles.php?grou p_id=81650&release_id=162399

Since the Traverser is open source, additional functionality, such as copying in recipes or providing reminders, can be added programmatically. For more information about the Traverser, visit:


Link: sourceforge.net


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