June 20, 2005

GroundWork releases open source configuration tool for Nagios

Author: Chris Preimesberger

A large number of companies have found that they need to keep more exacting watch over their networks and are using Nagios -- the host, service, and network monitoring tool hosted on SourceForge -- to do it. In fact, Nagios has been downloaded more than 660,000 times since 2001.

But Nagios isn't very easy to configure; in fact, it's designed for software engineers who use command line interface (CLI) development only. As new developers come into the business, more and more of them prefer to use graphical interface tools instead -- thus, mouse is rapidly gaining favor over the keyboard.

It is for this reason that Emeryville, Calif.-based GroundWork Open Source Solutions, Inc., which makes open source IT management software, announced its latest product today: GroundWork Monitor Architect (Monarch). This is a free, open source configuration tool that simplifies the deployment of Nagios and GroundWork Monitor, GroundWork's IT management solution based on Nagios.


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