The Growing Ecosystem Around Open Networking Hardware


At Facebook, we believe that hardware and software should be decoupled and evolve independently. We create hardware that can run multiple software options, and we develop software that supports a variety of hardware devices — enabling us to build more efficient, flexible, and scalable infrastructure. By building our data centers with fully open and disaggregated devices, we can upgrade the hardware and software at any time and evolve quickly.

We contribute these hardware designs to the Open Compute Project and the Telecom Infra Project, and we open-source many of our software components. We want to share technologies like Wedge 100BackpackVoyagerFBOSS, and OpenBMC, because we know that openness and collaboration helps everyone move faster. This ethos also led us to open a lab space for companies to validate their software on open hardware, which can help smaller companies without resources to develop custom solutions choose the hardware and software that work best for them. We’ve seen a lot of traction over the past five months, and there are now more options at every layer of the stack.

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