February 8, 2001

GRUB: multi-boot without LILO

Author: JT Smith

"GRUB, unlike LILO, is able to read filesystems and recognize kernel images too.
While LILO requires the physical location of the kernel on your drive, GRUB does
not. Even the latest filesystem ReiserFS is supported. This means that you don't
have to re-install GRUB every time you make a change to the config file or install a
new kernel. If your BIOS supports LBA then there is also no problem reading
beyond 1024 cylinders. There's some good support for network booting of diskless
clients. On the other hand, GRUB installation can be a bit of a problem. Maybe
we're all too used to LILO or maybe GRUB still has some way to go? Little of both
we think." From FreeOS.com.


  • Linux
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